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The COVID-19 Salon Experience

We have worked very hard to ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of ourselves and our customers. We also need every client entering the salon to follow precautions and guidance to ensure we are all kept safe and healthy.

We know that your salon experience will be very different for the foreseeable future, and hope we can still do everything we can to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable, but more importantly; safe. Please find below a list of our client guidance which we will need every client observing to keep the salon open.

Additionally, please feel free to view our “Client Information”* poster, available as a JPG or PSD (Photoshop) document. Other salons or businesses are welcome to download, copy, share, print or edit (in Photoshop) this poster if they want it. It can be printed up to A1 size, or will fit any smaller "A" size (A2, A3, A4). It does not include any brand labels or ITC contact details.

Client Information A1 PSD.psd (PSD — 37 MB)

Please Note: We have prepared this poster to display in the salon when we re-open (which is why it says "WE ARE OPEN" at the top. This does not mean the salon is open now. Please check back here or our social media pages for the latest updates.


DO NOT ENTER THE SALON if you are sick, have a cough, fever or other cold or flu symptoms; have been unwell in the last 24 hours or have had contact with a sick person recently. A client should not attend their appointment if they are unwell at the best of times, but this is especially important now, as aside for the obvious dangers of transmission, if Laura or Frances were to become sick, the salon would need to close for 2 weeks. The current government advice is to self-isolate for 7 days if you have symptoms, or 14 days if you have been with someone else with symptoms. Please do not enter the salon if you are supposed to be self-isolating.

Do Not Enter The Salon Unless You Have an Appointment

Appointments must be made online or over the phone. Clients must not enter the salon to make an appointment and we will not be accepting walk-in's. To ensure social distancing measures are maintained and the number of people in the salon is kept to a minimum, only clients with pre-booked appointments will be allowed to enter the salon at the time of their appointments.

You Must Wear a Face Mask

A face mask must be worn by every client entering the salon and throughout their service. Your face mask must have elasticated ear loops to ensure the mask securely covers your nose and mouth while we are still able to carry out hairdressing services. If a client does not have their own, we will provide a face mask for £1. If a client refuses to wear a face mask, we have the right to refuse service.

We Are Not Accepting Cash

We are currently not accepting cash (notes or coins). Contactless payments are preferred (Apple/Google/Samsung Pay etc) or to minimise client time at reception even further, we are also offering pre-payment over the phone or online.Credit/Debit card (chip and pin) is also accepted, with the card terminal disinfected between uses. Slotted containers will be provided for clients kind enough to leave tips.

You Must Arrive On Time For Your Appointment and Stick to Arranged Services

To maintain social distancing, reduce the amount of people in the salon, and ensure we have enough time in-between clients to clean and disinfect all tools, equipment and surfaces, it is essential that we stick to strict service times. Clients must arrive on time for their appointment. If you are early, you may be asked to wait outside if our previous client is still in the salon, or if you are late, we may have to rearrange if it means we haven't got time to carry out your service and complete our cleaning and disinfecting measures before our next client. It's also important to book the right services so the correct service time is allocated. Last minute service changes are not going to be possible and we would have to rearrange.

Please Sanitise Your Hands When Entering and Leaving the Salon

We have fitted a hand sanitiser dispenser at reception for clients to use when they enter and exit the salon. We have also provided numerous bottles of hand sanitiser throughout the salon at the styling stations. Clients must sanitise their hands when entering and leaving, and we encourage you to use sanitiser when touching other salon surfaces.

There is No Waiting Area or Spare Styling Stations

If you have arrived at your appointment on time, we will ask you to take a seat immediately at the styling station which your service will be carried out. There will be no waiting area or spare styling stations for you to wait in. The styling stations and backbar units that are not in use are clearly marked, you must not sit or place belongings on them.

You Must Come to Your Appointment Alone

Capacity in the salon must be limited, predictable & consistent – With each appointment equalling one client, and we need to adhere to strict service times. We have removed our waiting area and the only styling stations available will be those for clients with appointments. You must come to your salon appointment alone & not bring family and friends with you. Only clients with a pre-booked appointment will be allowed in the salon so we can maintain social distancing and reduce the amount of people in the salon. If you do choose to bring people with you, they will be asked to wait outside for the duration of your service.

Bring to the Salon Only What You Need

You must only bring to the salon what you need and not turn up with bags of shopping or unnecessary items or clothing. Staff must not touch client belongings & the coat rack will not be in use to respect distance between items. Individual storage boxes will be provided for each client upon entering the salon for you to place your belongings in & disinfected after each use.

We Have Removed Common Touch Items

We have removed all ‘common touch’ items, including magazines, look-books, paper based information and POS material. The salon WiFi will still be available for internet browsing. Please be conscious of the items you store around the styling station and dispose of your rubbish responsibly. Any media used during consultations (phones, tablets, laptops etc) must not be passed between Client and Stylist. Your Stylist can not handle your belongings and can not allow you to handle salon property.

You Must Follow Social Distancing Measures and the Signage in the Salon

You must keep the minimum recommended distance between yourself and other clients in the salon. Please do not approach Stylists while they are working with another client. Consultations should take place online or through the mirror to avoid face-to-face contact. You must observe the signage and guidance on display throughout the salon, such as the floor tape and not in use signs.

You Must Not Touch Salon Equipment or Products

You must not touch Salon equipment, Stylist tools, retail products or the products at the styling stations. Please ask a Stylist for assistance if you would like to purchase a product. All salon surfaces are considered clean until touched. Please refrain from touching any surfaces or items unnecessarily, and if you do, please sanitise your hands and inform a member of staff so that surface or item can be disinfected.

You Must Not Eat In The Salon

Food must not be brought to, or eaten in the salon. We will not be serving hot drinks or biscuits. Bottled water will be available upon request.

You Must Still Receive a Patch Test 48 Hours Prior to Your Colour Application

Even though a lot of the salon experience has changed, the laws and policies surrounding professional colour application have not. All clients will need an allergy alert test (patch test) 48 hours prior to their colour appointment.