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Salon Actions - Principles to Minimise Risk

We have been hard at work behind the scenes to prepare the salon for reopening and ensure we take every possible step to protect ourselves and our customers.

Please find below a list of the steps we have taken to ensure we are “COVID Ready”.

Additionally, please feel free to view our “Principles to Minimise Risk” salon poster, available as a JPG or PSD (Photoshop) document. Other salons or businesses are welcome to download, copy, share, print or edit (in Photoshop) this poster if they want it. It can be printed up to A1 size, or will fit any smaller "A" size (A2, A3, A4). It does not include any brand labels or ITC contact details.

Stylists Will be Wearing PPE

Stylists must wear PPE – disposable gloves, apron, face mask and face shield. This is to protect both staff and clients. PPE will either be single use for each client or changed/cleaned regularly according to the government and WHO guidance.

Stylists Must Wash Their Hands Regularly

Stylists must wash their hands more frequently and after each client. We encourage clients to do the same. We have fitted the salon bathroom with hand soap, hand towel, and toilet roll dispensers to reduce ‘high touch’ areas and remove any cotton towels.

Clients & Stylists Must Use Hand Sanitiser

Clients and Stylists must clean their hands with steriliser regularly and when entering and exiting the salon. Hand sanitiser will be provided at reception, where a dispenser has been fitted, and bottles are provided throughout the salon at the styling stations.

Stations Have Been Reduced, Partitions Installed and Floor Markings

We have reduced the amount of operational styling stations and backbar units to ensure social distancing. The operational areas are clearly marked with floor tape and signage to communicate the social distancing rules. Perspex screens have been installed between stations, at reception and at the backbar to protect clients and staff during services.

Client PPE and Towels Have Been Replaced with Disposable Items

All client PPE and fabrics have been replaced with single use disposable items (gowns, capes, neck collars) and we have replaced our cotton towels with single use, biodegradable eco towels.

All Tools, Equipment and Product Containers Disinfected After Each Use

All tools, equipment, product containers, trays and trolleys will be cleaned, disinfected, and/or sterilised after each use. Tool belts and pockets will not be used and single use spatulas will be used to remove products from pots to avoid cross contamination.

Styling Stations Disinfected After Each Use

Styling stations (chair, mirror, shelves and Perspex screens) and the backbar (chair, basin, products and Perspex screen) will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

All Salon Services Disinfected After Each Use or Throughout the Day

All salon surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day (e.g. the floor), ‘high touch’ areas (e.g. reception desk/bathroom) 3-5 times per day, and ‘common touch’ areas (e.g. card terminal/door handles) after every client.

Appointments Have Been Staggered, Reduced, and Extra Time Allocated for Cleaning and Disinfecting

We have staggered client appointment times, added a 15 minute ‘buffer’ after each client and reduced the amount of clients we book in. This allows extra time for cleaning and disinfecting while reducing the amount of people in the salon at one time to maintain social distancing.

We Will be Operating on a Appointment Only Basis and Appointments Must Only be Made Online or Over the Phone

Appointments will only be made online or over the phone, clients will not be allowed to enter the salon to book an appointment. We will not be offering walk-in appointments. Only clients with pre-booked appointments will be allowed to enter the salon at the time of their appointment.

Clients Must Wear a Face Mask. No Mask - No Service

Clients must wear a face mask upon entering the salon and throughout their salon visit (with ear loops so we can carry out the service without disturbing the mask). If a client does not have their own, we will provide a disposable face mask for £1. Clients who refuse to wear a mask will be refused service.

We Will Not Have a Waiting Area and Clients Must Arrive On Time

We will not have a waiting area and clients must arrive on time for their appointment so we can strictly adhere to service times, social distancing measures and cleaning/disinfection of the salon. Clients may be asked to wait outside if they are early (in case the previous client is still in the salon) or asked to reschedule if they are late (if we no longer have time to carry out their service and cleaning/disinfecting measures before our next client arrives).

Clients Must Only Bring to the Salon What They Need

Clients must only bring to the salon what they need and not turn up with bags of shopping or unnecessary items or clothing. Staff must not touch client belongings & the coat rack will not be in use to respect distance between items. Individual storage boxes will be provided for each client upon entering the salon for them to place their belongings & disinfected after each use.

We Are Not Accepting Cash Payment

We are not accepting or handling cash (notes or coins) as payment and we will not keep cash on the premises. Contactless payments are preferred (including Apple/Google/Samsung Pay etc.) or pre-payment over the phone/online. Credit/Debit cards also accepted (chip and pin) where the card terminal will be disinfected between uses. Slotted containers will be provided for clients kind enough to leave tips or if paying with a £1 coin for a face mask.

Clients Must Come Alone to Their Appointment

Capacity in the salon must be limited, predictable & consistent – With each appointment equalling one client. Clients must come to the salon alone & not bring family and friends with them. Only clients with a pre-booked appointment will be allowed in the salon so we can maintain social distancing and reduce the amount of people in the salon.

Clients Must Not Touch Products or Equipment

All products and surfaces are considered clean until touched. Clients must not touch products or Stylist tools and equipment. We have removed all testers and the re-fill bar. Clients should ask Stylists for assistance with purchases.

Hot Drinks Will Not be Served and Clients Must Not Eat in the Salon

We will not be serving any hot drinks (tea or coffee); clients are welcome to bring their own in disposable cups. Bottled water will be available upon request. We will not be serving biscuits and clients must not eat in the salon.

All Common Touch Items Have Been Removed

We have removed all ‘common touch’ items, including magazines, look-books, paper based information and POS material. The salon WiFi will still be available for internet browsing. Any media used during consultations (phones, tablets, laptops etc) must not be passed between Client and Stylist.