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Right to Refuse Policy

As professional Stylists, we have a duty of care to all our clients and ourselves. We will only carry out services if we can be sure of the outcome, comply with the law and manufacturer’s instructions, and ensure the safety and comfort of our clients and staff. Failure to do so is seen as professional negligence.

We have the right to refuse service in the following circumstances:

  • We can not be certain of the service outcome
    If we cannot predict the outcome of a service, the client is requesting a service that we, as colourists know will cause irreparable damage, or we do not believe we can meet a client needs and feel uncomfortable carrying out the service, we may refuse service.

    Our aim is to ensure all clients are happy with their salon services and understand the services, maintenance and aftercare required to achieve their desired style and/or colour.
    If we are made to believe that a client will be unhappy with the planned service outcome, will be unable to maintain or care for their salon service which will ultimately lead to hair damage, or the client will knowingly sabotage their style and/or colour, we will refuse service.
  • Client Has health issues that may affect or be affected by the service
    As we take responsibility of our clients safety and the quality of services we offer, If we know or suspect that a client’s state of health may put them, or others at risk, or affect or be affected by the service, we will refuse service.

    This case includes, but is not limited to, allergies, contraindications, limitations and pregnancies. For a full list, please see our CONTRAINDICATIONS SECTION
  • Client Is under the age of 16 (for colouring services)
    All colour manufacturers clearly state that no colouring or lightening products should be applied to clients under the age of 16. To do so, would be seen as professional negligence, or even child abuse and void our professional insurance.

    Allowance from parents, even a written one, has no legal power.
    general, children’s nails, hair and skin are not fully developed and therefore more prone to damage and complications. Children are also more prone to allergic reactions, and people who begin colouring their hair at an early age are more likely to develop an allergy to colour later in life. We cannot be certain about the influence a colour service may have on the minor in the long term.
  • Client has a history of unreliability
    If a client has a history of cancelling their appointment without enough notice, not showing up, arriving too late, or making last minute changes to their appointment, we have the right to refuse service. For more information, please see out CANCELLATION AND NO-SHOW POLICY
  • Client is dishonest
    If a client purposely hides information of crucial meaning to the service, keeps giving us false information during the initial consultation, and knowingly hides facts that may affect the service, even though we have informed them about the potential consequences of such behaviour, they are putting themselves and their Stylist at risk and we will refuse service.

    If a client is acting inappropriately and we suspect they are a “refund hunter” or maliciously attempting to receive services for free, they will be refused service and asked to leave the salon.
  • Inappropriate behaviour and straight-up law-breaking
    The safety and comfort of our clients and staff is our highest priority and we do not support inappropriate behaviour. Cases of verbal or physical aggression, harassment, assault, or sexual remarks will not be tolerated and will result in service refusal and a request to leave the premises.

    If a client steals from the salon (either physical products/equipment or refuses to pay for their service), the police will be called, and the clients details passed over to law enforcement when possible. If the client has the audacity to return to the salon, they will be refused service and asked to leave the premises.
    Clients who refuse to follow national and local bylaws, and salon policies, even after being informed of the consequences of doing so, will be refused service, and asked to leave the premises.
  • Client is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
    Clients who are intoxicated or under the influence are unable to make informed service choices, may act out of character (including becoming aggressive or making inappropriate remarks), and make other clients in the salon and staff uncomfortable.

    If we suspect a client is under the influence or intoxicated, we will refuse service and ask they leave the premises.