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Pet Policy

We are a loud and proud pet friendly hair salon.

We understand that some pets can suffer when left alone, making a salon visit quite difficult, or it may just be you need to schedule your vet and hair appointment on the same day. Whatever the reason, clients are welcome to bring their furry friends along with them to their appointments.

If you’d like to bring your pet to the salon, we do have a few rules you need to follow:

  • Please remember that it is the pet owner who is legally responsible and obliged to make sure their furry friend behaves and doesn’t cause problems.
  • Please let us know in advance if you are bringing your pet along, so we can let other clients who will be in the salon at the time know.
  • Your pet must be clean and flee free.
  • Your pet must be vaccinated
  • Your pet must be house-trained.
  • Your pet must be well trained and can’t disturb others by barking or meowing
  • Your pet cannot jump up at or pester other people
  • Your pet must stay out of staff-only rooms, especially where we prepare client drinks
  • You cannot allow your pet to touch other people’s beverages – or any other property
  • You cannot leave your pet unattended or unsupervised
  • You pay for possible damage done by your pet
  • It is your duty to clean after your pet if there are any accidents