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Mobile Phone & Smart Device Policy

Smartphones and tablets are a part of life, most of us live and work on our phones and they are a godsend when waiting for a colour to develop. Our salon WiFi is available for all our clients to use while in the salon, and clients are encouraged to create mood boards on their phone to show us how they would like their next colour or cut.

However, phones and hairdressing services don’t always go hand in hand; a Stylist lost a chunk of finger when someone suddenly answered the phone across the salon, shouting HELLO! at the top of their voice, giving the Stylist such a fright mid-way through a precision cut they badly cut themselves.

Physical damage and pain aside, the Stylist was then running behind on their appointments for the rest of the day because they could not continue the service until the bleeding had stopped.

Or there’s the time that a client nearly lost an eye while their Stylist was trimming their fringe, the client unexpectedly lunged forward to grab their phone from the floor just as the Stylist was about to begin point cutting.

That being said, there’s a few etiquette rules we’d appreciate clients follow while in the salon:

  • There’s nothing worse than overhearing another person’s phone conversation or jumping out of out your skin when a client starts shouting down the phone while they’re in the salon. Not only can this make everyone uncomfortable, it can also be very distracting for Stylists trying to concentrate on the service they are working on. We politely ask that clients keep their phone conversations to a minimum in the salon, and refrain from shouting down the phone or putting the call on loudspeaker.
  • Equally, it can be just as distracting and frustrating hearing the constant bings and beeps of text messages or a client playing a game on their phone, and no one wants to hear an embarrassing ringtone! Please ensure your phone is on silent when entering the salon.
  • We understand that some calls may be important and need to be taken during your service, this is fine, just let your Stylist know! However, your Stylist can not cut, or colour your hair while you are on the phone and pausing a service just for a chit chat with a friend is not cool. It is rude and knocks your Stylist behind, so they are running late for their next customer.
  • We kindly ask clients to wait until their colour is developing or after their service before they start texting or internet browsing. It is exceedingly difficult to cut or colour when a client’s head is dropping down or leaning off to the side and might mean they end up with a wonky cut or badly applied colour! Additionally, if your arms are out of the gown while your holding your phone while we are applying colour or cutting hair, you risk being splashed with chemicals or hair dropping down the side of the chair, causing more mess for you and your Stylist.