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Classic Colouring

Monochromatic Application

(the classic one colour all over look)

  • Root Retouch (4-6 weeks of regrowth)- The essential maintenance service for all monochromatic colours which cover grey, lighten and deposit. Service must be carried out every 4-6 weeks for best results (especially for blondes and grey coverage). *

  • Full Head Colour (monochromatic application) -The classic one-colour-all-over technique. Should be carried out whenever length and ends needs refreshing or a change of colour is desired.




Root Retouch




Full Head Colour




Highlights & Lowlights

Exactly what it says on the tin; 'highlighting' or 'lowlighting' small sections of hair using the classic foil technique. Perfect for enhancing your natural colour, blending those first signs of grey, or pair with a Root Retouch/Full Head Colour for a total colour look.

Choose whichever service best suits your style & budget. You can also upgrade from the usual highlights on offer to our bespoke highlighting service, using advanced products which lifts & tones all in one step to create a completely personalised colour - or when corrective Highlights are needed.

Highlights & Lowlights

  • Parting Foils
    Top-section coverage with highlights/lowlights. 
    Ideal for longer hair with fewer layers or any length wanting a little colour break-up. Foils are applied on and around parting or equivalent.
  • Half Head Foils
    Half head coverage with highlights/lowlights. Suitable for most hair lengths & styles, better for layered hair or if you wear your hair up regularly. Foils are applied on & around parting, at the sides and a few extra around the crown area or equivalent.
  • Full Head Foils
    Full head coverage with highlights/lowlights. The full works, not always best for shorter hair but ideal for longer, layered hair that is regularly worn up. Foils are applied throughout the whole head without leaving any darker panels at the nape.

All Hair Lengths**

Parting Foils


Parting Foils & Root Retouch


Parting Foils & Full Head Colour


Parting Foils Bespoke/Corrective


Half Head Foils


Half Head Foils & Root Retouch


Half Head Foils & Full Head Colour


Half Head Foils Bespoke/Corrective


Full Head Foils


Full Head Foils & Root Retouch


Full Head Foils & Full Head Colour


Full Head Foils Bespoke/Corrective


All our colouring services are available with the BondUltim8 Colour Insurance System. See our Treatment Menu for more details or ask a Stylist.

Please remember our colouring services DO NOT include a Blow Dry or Cut & Style, these services must be booked separately if desired or your colour will be paired with a complimentary rough dry.

We operate a Colour Safe Policy - a patch test must be carried out 48 hours prior to a colouring service.

*If maintenance is not followed and a client goes over the recommended visit time, a surcharge will be added or the service will be changed to a full head colour to compensate for the additional product and Stylist time needed to cover the additional hair growth.

In some cases (especially blondes and grey coverage), having more than 6 weeks’ worth of regrowth will result in ‘banding’, a colour problem caused by the hair growing away from the root, becoming keratinised and loosing the heat from the scalp. If this is the case, please speak to your Stylist for a Colour Correction Consultation.

**Extra long or thick hair requiring more time and product will incur a product surcharge (price on consultation)