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Cancellations and No Shows Policy

Last minute cancellations, service changes, late arrivals, and no shows cost the salon thousands of pounds each year.

This has an incredibly negative effect on the business, our Stylists, and the customers who cannot get the appointment they want due to us being 'fully booked', or forced to wait while we struggle to catch up with late clients and rearranged appointments.

In 2019, the salon lost on average £1000 per MONTH to lost appointments due to:

  • Clients who cancelled without enough notice for us to offer the appointment to anyone else.
  • Did not show up at all without a phone call.
  • Arrived so late we no longer had the time available to carry out their services.
  • Changed their mind on the day of the appointment and wanted a different service than what they had booked and either had to rearrange or 'downgraded' to less expensive and time-consuming services. 

We understand that things can crop up, emergencies happen, people get called into work and public transport is not 100% reliable these days, but £1000 is our wages, our rent, the food on the table. We also understand that there’s a big difference between a long term, loyal client who always arrives on time, and cancels last minute once because of a family emergency; and a repeat offender whose grandfather has passed away 6 times in the last 12 months, this is why no-shows and last minute cancellations are always recorded.

We politely request that all clients respect our time, by respecting our cancellation policy. Please understand that our cancellation policy is in place to protect our business and client experience.

We believe in mutual respect and therefore ask our customers to always inform us about any emergencies that withhold them from arriving for their visit.

Should a cancellation, service change, or date change be necessary, we request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice from the time of the appointment. If the booking was made on the same day, please notify us at least 3 hours prior.

Our salon is committed to providing exceptional services. Unfortunately, when one customer fails to show up without giving notice, cancel without enough notice, arrive over 15 minutes late, or require a rescheduled appointment due to last minute appointment changes, they prevent another client from booking an appointment. This is why we operate a three-strike system for all our clients. Our salon software system will flag, and add a note to your customer profile if you:

  • Cancel without 24 hours’ notice (from the time of your appointment).
  • Arrive to your appointment and decide you want to cancel, downgrade, or reduce the services you have booked, resulting in lost appointment time.
  • Arrive to your appointment and decide you want a larger, more time-consuming service which we are unable to carry out that day without making other clients wait, resulting in your appointment being rearranged.
  • Arrive more than 15 minutes late resulting in us needing to rearrange your appointment so not to make other clients wait for us.
  • Do not show up for your appointment without any prior notice.

If your customer profile is flagged 3 times within a 12-month rolling on period, you will no longer be able to make an appointment with us, or reserve Stylist time, without paying a non-refundable deposit.

The amount of deposit needed to secure an appointment with us in this instance is £10 per “appointment block”. This means the amount will vary depending on the services wishing to be booked, and amount of time needed to be booked out with our Stylists:

  • Single Block - Blow Dry's & any Cutting & Styling Services = £10
  • 2 Blocks – Single process Colouring &/or Highlighting Services = £20
  • 3 Blocks - double process Colouring &/or Highlighting Services (i.e. bleach & tone) = £30
  • 4 Blocks – Triple process colours such as colour corrections = £40

Deposits are taken to secure a specific day, time, and service. Providing a client arrives for that specific appointment and receives the service they have booked in for; the deposit amount paid will be used against their final service cost.

However, if a client cancels, no-shows, arrives too late or makes any last minute changes to their appointment at short notice, once again causing disruption to our appointment schedule, other clients, and resulting in more lost appointment time; the deposit in non-refundable.

If the client wants to rearrange and secure more appointment time, another deposit will need to be taken for the new appointment, on the same terms as above.

A client’s customer profile will continue to be monitored and deposits taken for all appointments. If 3 consecutive appointments are honoured (with deposit taken), without any problems, the note will be removed from the customers profile and they will no longer need to secure an appointment with a deposit. Their customer profile will revert to the usual 3 strike policy.

If a client continues to cancel without enough notice, no-shows, arrives too late or make last minute changes to this appointment, we have the right to refuse service.

Please note: we have the right to refuse service at any time if a client has a history of unreliability.