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Age Policy and Children in the Salon Policy

Age Policy

  • A parent or guardian must consent in person for customers who are under the age of 16 and must remain in the salon with their child for the duration of the service. Children must not be left unattended in the salon.

  • We operate a 'colour safe' policy and abide by all national and local bylaws, legislation and our manufacturer’s instructions; and therefore will not carry out any chemical services (including colouring &/or highlighting services) on children under the age of 16, regardless of parent consent.

Children in the Salon Policy

Polite Notice

A hair salon is not a safe playground for children, allowing children to run around or wander the salon is simply dangerous – both for the child and people around them.

Hair salons are full of chemicals (colours/tints and bleaches), heating tools (curling irons, straighteners and hair dryers), sharps (scissors, razors and metal tail combs), and with all the electrical equipment, there’s also a lot of wires and electricity in easy reach.

It takes literally seconds for an accident to happen. Stylists and salon staff are not able to look after children all the time, moreover – it should never be their responsibility.

Speaking honestly about the salon staffs work comfort; Stylists and Assistants are not day-care workers, and they are being paid for carrying out Hairdressing services, not for babysitting. Salon staff are neither prepared nor obligated to take care of a client’s child while they are getting pampered – that is not a part of the experience.

Hairdressing services usually require being focused and fully engaged, with Sty
lists concentrating only on the clients hair in front of them – Stylists should not be forced to divide their attention between lifting colour and checking on a child wondering the salon, and it is very difficult to concentrate on a precision cut or highlight application with a child screaming!

What’s more, most clients come to the hair salon to relax and unwind. Even the most children-loving clients may lose their patience when dealing with constant screaming and running when they expected a calm, pleasurable atmosphere. This is an extremely uncomfortable situation for the salon – basically, we sacrifice the experience of several customers in order to allow one to have their way.

Unfortunately, we have had instances in the past where children have not been supervised by their parent, and allowed to hurt themselves on salon equipment, tamper with other client belongings, and damage salon products, tools, and furnishings. The salon does not have infinite space, and unfortunately, we have also had instances where our disabled clients are unable to enter or move around the salon due to pushchairs and prams.

The safety of children and comfort of our clients is our greatest concern.

  • We would like to politely remind clients that we are not a children’s salon, we are Colour Specialists with an adult atmosphere where clients come to relax and enjoy their services.

  • Only children receiving a hairdressing service should be brought to the salon and supervised by an adult throughout their service.

  • We politely ask clients not to bring children along to their appointment, especially for larger services such as colouring. We are not able to carry out services with children climbing on client laps or running around the styling station.

  • For the safety of the child and others around them, children must not be allowed near salon electricals, heated styling tools, sharps, chemicals or products, allowed to tamper with, or damage other client belongings, salon equipment, stock or furnishings, allowed to climb salon furniture or run in the salon.

  • We politely ask clients to consider the comfort and experience of other customers and the salon staff when bringing children, pushchairs, and prams into the salon.