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It is with a heavy heart, I would like to inform all our lovely customers that after 31 years, ITC will not be reopening, and has closed its doors for good.

As with many businesses, this past year has been extremely difficult, with the COVID Pandemic severely impacting the salon. In a nut shell, we have lost 6, out of 12 months of trading, no money coming in, but bills still going out. The 6 months we were lucky enough to open saw our outgoings rise (from all the additional COVID safe precautions, to correcting colours), while our income declined due to the reduction of clients allowed in the salon.

After months of number crunching and looking at all available avenues for the business model going forward, it has become more than apparent the business is no longer viable and we can not continue trading.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all our wonderful clients for your loyalty and support over the years, it's been a pleasure. We wish you all best.